Subject: Re: -currenter kernel.
To: None <>
From: Brad Spencer <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 08/16/2002 11:15:47
   So I gotta 256MB card and upgraded NetBSD on my Jornada using
   Emmanuel's binaries.  But the kernel I got has some non-english
   keyboard mapping in it so I can't really navigate the system in
   single-user mode.

   Can someone, anyone, make me a -current-ish kernel with Emmanuel's
   fixes as per:

   but with just a normal english keyboard mapping, and root on wd0a.

   Much appreciated. My build machine is broken at the moment so I'm
   rather stuck.

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This is a 1.6E kernel from a short bit ago and is the one I am using on my
U.S. version of the Jornada.  It has a small number of unofficial changes
in it:

1) vmstat wants some kernel symbols that are not present.  I added the
required symbols to sys/arch/arm/sa11x0/sa11x0_irq.S.  I am going to file
a PR on this shortly.

2) It has an unofficial change in it to make the Fn key work, which allows
for the existance of the ~, [, ], {, } and caplock.  On my version of the
Jornada all of those characters require that use the 'Fn' key, which acts
a lot like another sort of 'Shift' key.  There was not any obvious support
for yet another 'Shift' like key in wscons, but I really don't know what I
am doing, so I could have missed it.  I am going to file a PR on this

3) It is missing a number of the ethernet drivers and has just the ne, ep
[plus mii] and wi drivers in the kernel.  If you need other ones, let me
know and I can compile a new kernel for you.

4) It is missing some of the file systems types.

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