Subject: Re: Hang on sacc probe??
To: None <>
From: Brad Spencer <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 08/06/2002 21:44:38
   At Sun, 4 Aug 2002 17:08:57 -0400 (EDT),
   Brad Spencer wrote:
   > I am having trouble booting a netbsd kernel on my new Jornada 720.
   > Attaching a serial console, I get the following:

   > Everything hangs here at this point.  If I remove the reference in the
   > config file for sacc, and all of the things that use it, the kernel will
   > boot, but without the ability to see the wd* devices, so it is less then

   Two questions:
   1. Does the kernel built from the unmodified JORNADA720 config file

No, the unmodified JORNADA720 kernel also hangs.

   2. What happens if you send a break signal after the hang? (assuming
   you have options DDB in the kernel config file)

It is a hard hang, completely unable to break into DDB.  The hang is
apparently caused by sacc_intr not always clearing the GPIO line from the
SA1111 to the SA1110.

   IWAMOTO Toshihiro

In private email, Robert Swindells suggested that:

R>I would try moving the following lines in sacc_intr() to before the for
R>                        /* clear SA1110's GPIO intr status */
R>                        bus_space_write_4(sc->sc_piot, sc->sc_gpioh,
R>                                          SAGPIO_EDR, sc->sc_gpiomask);
R>This will clear the GPIO line from the SA1111 to the SA1110 even if
R>there isn't a pending interrupt to the SA1111.
R>There is one of these lines in each of the for loops in sacc_intr().
R>I have rewritten the SA11x0 interrupt handling code so that it clears
R>the GPIO lines itself, but it is waiting on some other changes before
R>I can commit it.

This does, in fact, allow my 720 to boot.  Thanks...

Just for the record.  My Jornada 720 has product number F1816A ABA,
copyright 2000 by HP.  It claims to a 'Handheld PC 2000', on the
background of the MSWIN-CE screen and is in English.  If I tell hpcboot
that I have the Japanese version of the Jornada, it will boot onto the LCD

Sometimes, hpcboot seems to get confused right after it loads the kernel.
I never get the second popup message.  I can usually get things working by
flipfloping the serial console checkbox and booting, I'll usually get the
second popup then.  I can then answer 'No' and select the console sort I
want, select or unselect the serial console option.  It seems that after I
get the second popup once it will present itself again.

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