Subject: Re: cannot boot on jornada 720
To: Emmanuel Dreyfus <>
From: John Mitchell <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 07/08/2002 13:13:41

On Monday, July 8, 2002, at 01:02 PM, Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote:

>>> Since the jornada is the only machine I have able to read the compact
>>> flash, I guess it will be NFS.
>> hpcarm's disklabel doesn't understand FAT, iirc.
> Does that means it is not possible to partition the flash into a ffs
> partition and a msdos partition?

    Seems to me that you could still partition things up. NetBSD would 
just ignore the MSDOS partition and not allow you to mount it or what 

> If it's not, then where do you store
> your kernel and hpcboot.exe to reboot NetBSD when the batteries get flat
> and you are forced to reboot into wince?

    Windows CE would still be able to see the MSDOS partition, and you 
would boot as usual with hpcboot.

> --
> Emmanuel Dreyfus.
> NetBSD, parceque je le vaux bien.

That seems right to me. Other thoughts? How about my Jornada 820 
questions? ;-)


    John P. Mitchell