Subject: Re: [jornada] Jornada 820
To: None <,,>
From: Francois-Rene Rideau <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 05/06/2002 13:12:40
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Dear Handholders and Jornadans,

I've now got a Jornada 820e (SA-1100) with a CompactFlash card,
and I'm considering porting Linux to it.
(hum, what about NetBSD? I don't know, I'm not familiar with it yet,
but I'm willing to give it a try if it has better prospects of success
at supporting the machine).

I admit I'm not sure where to start from.

What about bootloading?
Has anyone experience with using WinCE tools?
What bootloader should I be using or hacking?
Which RAM-based bootloader runs on SA-1100?
Which RAM-based bootloader runs on WinCE 2.11?

What about kernel driver configuration?
Are there WinCE mini-tools for reverse-engineering
critical hardware information like the physical memory map?
What architecture should I be hacking for?
Where are documented differences between SA-1110 and SA-1100?
Has anyone opened his 820? How? What chips were there inside?
I'm read rumors that the 820 has a SA-1100 and SA-1101 for LCD.

What about cross-compilation tools? Which should I use?
emdebian looks dead, and apt-get install task-cross-arm fails.
The toolchain on looks old, too.
What if I wanted to cross-compile NetBSD-hpcarm from a Linux machine?

Are there general HOWTOs or HOWNOTTOs or hintbooks or documents
for wannabe kernel porters?

I've begun contacting HP, but with little hope on that front.

Thanks for any useful information you may come up with.

Yours freely,

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