Subject: Compiling current-20020421
To: None <>
From: James Vodanovich <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 04/29/2002 10:48:40
I just install current-20020421 on my Jornada. I had a few problems along 
the way.

I cross compiled the complete distribution on Netbsd 1.5.2 i386

I used from the top of the source tree, and nbmake-hpc for the kernel.

Firstly chksum in the tools didn't compile, assembler errors. I just 
commented chksum out of the makefile.

When I tried to build the kernel i got a lot of unresolved symbols, I 
tracked them down to the fact hpc_machdep.c was missing from the Makefile 
and had to change  /sys/arch/hpcarm/conf/files.hpcarm

file	arch/hpcarm/hpcarm/hpc_machdep.c	hpcarm
file	arch/hpcarm/hpcarm/hpc_machdep.c	

and run config again

I used the supplied Jornada config file with nbmake-hpcarm and config from 
the current-20020421 snapshot.

I also had to comment out
option pseudo-device 		#fRamdisk driver
to deal with unresolved symbol memory_disk_size, I could find where it was 
declared (aside from extern)

I'd like to know wether I did something wrong that resulted in my having to 
edit files.hpcarm ?

The kernel boots and
At the end of dmesg there is a stream of sys_ioctl: _IOW('t', 92, 4) 
retruned -1: pid 32 comm=ttyflags

Running ttyflags -a seems to lock the machine up.
the only non network ttys listed in /etc/ttys is the console and ttyE0
while running ttyflags ttyE0 and ttyflags console cause no problems

Aside from that it seems stable though I have done much with it lacking a 
network card, Sad it is only a type one flash, I'm not quite ready to hack 
the case to fit a type 2 drive in it, so my 1 gig ibm drive has the pcmcia 

In regards to X,  doesn't this need to wait until there is a device for 
reading the touch screen? or can a mouse be attached to the null modem 
cable? (via another null modem cable to switch the pin order 2,3 etc), and 
of course how does one get access to it as currently it is the system 
console? cu -19200 -l/dev/console reports line in use.

Oh well I am downloading the xfree source anyhow

James Vodanovich