Subject: Re: jornada 720 status
To: Emmanuel Dreyfus <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 03/06/2002 17:27:08
On Wed, 6 Mar 2002, Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote:

: I'm considering the jornada for replacing a laptop I currently use for
: configuring various network devices, but I'd like to know what works and
: what doesn't work on it.

For one, power management doesn't work correctly (last I checked, and no one
has corrected me when I said this on list recently :).  And....

: It seems NetBSD needs winCE to boot, but does NetBSD uses the built-in
: console and keyboard? Or does it only uses serial?

It can use the console and keyboard.  Herb Peyerl had some notes about the
keyboard (specifically, using {}[] keys); I don't know what works/doesn't
work there.

: What plug do we have for the serial connector?

Serial sync cable works as a null-modem serial cable.  Using another null
modem adapter on that yields a regular serial connector, or you can get the
shorty serial adapter from HP for ~US$20.

: What about network? Is it possible to connect somehow to an ethernet
: network?

PCMCIA.  Standard devices work.  The slot is NOT CardBus, however.

: And is there any plan to boot without winCE?

Not likely -- WinCE is in masked ROM.  This has a caveat; at the current
time, you have to recalibrate the screen at every reboot from out of NetBSD,
since WinCE boots as if the battery came up from dead.

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