Subject: RE: Jornada 820 kernel binary
To: BROWNE,LOGAN \(HP-Roseville,ex1\) <>
From: EXT-Bellers, Chris <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 12/13/2001 18:14:29
I've had no luck getting my 820 to boot so far, and it's a pity. This
machine, with a keyboard and a full VGA display, just BEGS for BSD. I can
hear it every time I use it. "nooo, not CE again!"


Chris Bellers, x37181
System Administrator
The Boeing Company

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Subject: Jornada 820 kernel binary

I looked through the archives and have found a few references back in March
to the failed boot of a Jornada 820 using a general kernel binary, but could
someone tell me if they have had luck using the 720 binary to boot this

Thanks for any help that you can provide. 

Logan Browne
Hewlett-Packard Company