Subject: HP Jornada 720
To: None <>
From: Sandro Edelvais <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 12/02/2001 19:52:43
Hi All,

at our company we need some HandHelds running a real OS in order to do
remote admin of our servers.

Our main needs are:

- wireless Internet connectivity using PPP+GSM modem or GPRS link, via
IRDA or serial.

- ssh2 clients (ssh+scp)

- xserver would be nice, but a console mux like GNU screen could be

We are a BSD fan (40+ servers running FreeBSD) so we are very intrigued
by NetBSD hpcarm port.

Any real experience made on european GSM (+GPRS) data-links using
NetBSD-hpcarm ?

Do you think that HP Jornada 720 + NetBSD-hpcarm is a viable solution ?

Thanks for your time, 
Sandro Edelvais

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