Subject: Re: miniroot on iPAQ?
To: Love <>
From: IWAMOTO Toshihiro <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 09/18/2001 12:07:12
At 18 Sep 2001 04:02:31 +0200,
Love wrote:
> > Has anyone had success using a md miniroot filesystem on the iPAQ? I've
> > created a 5MB miniroot image with just the shell there, but I can't seem
> > to get the thing to boot if I specify the filesystem image to the
> > bootloader:
> If I specify some size to the MEMORY_DISK_SIZE, MINIROOTSIZE, my ipaq also
> hangs when I boot it on that kernel.
> Adding some debug statements and the options DEBUG_BEFOREMMU and
> VERBOSE_INIT_ARM my ipaq tells me:
> [...]

> Creating L1 page table
> Mapping kernel
> map_chunk: pa=c0040000 va=c0040000 sz=3d0000 rem=3d0000 acc=1 flg=c

Note that 0x40000 + 0x3d0000 > 0x400000.  hpcarm kernel cannot
handle such a situation and creates a broken page table.

Maybe it's time to fix this.  Relevant code is in

IWAMOTO Toshihiro