Subject: what next?
To: None <>
From: Brett Lymn <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 09/07/2001 14:40:16
        I finally got a CF sleeve for my ipaq 3150 so I could try out
NetBSD.  I fetched down the snapshot from the web site and
unpacked the hpcboot.exe, whacked both on my microdrive.  After a bit
of fiddling I managed to get netbsd booting but it stops at the prompt
for the root device.  What happens next?  Below is a log of my boot...

BTW I was a bit surprised with how much was lost going back to WinCE
after I had booted NetBSD, I was not concerned because I had backed up
the device but I am thinking a more dire warning in the instructions
about backing up the data would be good.

File: FAT
Bank#0 0xc0000000 size 0x08000000
Bank#1 0xc8000000 size 0x08000000
Bank#2 0xd0000000 size 0x08000000
Bank#3 0xd8000000 size 0x08000000
[DISPLAY] 240x320 4bpp
ExtEscape(GETVFRAMEPHYSICAL) not implemented.
ExtEscape(GETVFRAMELEN) not implemented.
Reg0 :6901b116
Reg1 :c005327f
Reg2 :c005327f
Reg3 :00000001
Reg5 :c0053007
Reg6 :000d0020
CPSR :400000df
open file "\Storage Card\netbsd\netbsd.gz"(1085988 byte).
Loader: ELF
file size: +0x1d0924+[(symbol block: header 424 string 106533 symbol 828128 byte) = 0xe44b0] = 0x2b54b0 byte
address translation table 704 pages.(5632 byte)
allocated 704 page. mapped 704 page.
2nd bootloader vaddr=0x0039f000 paddr=0xc0d67000
2nd bootloader copy done.
[0] vaddr 0xc0100000 file size 0x1d0924 mem size 0x21a8f0
	->load 0xc0100000+0x0021a8f0=0xc031a8f0 ofs=0x00008000+0x1d0924
[zero clear] ->0xc02d0924+0x00049fcc=0xc031a8f0
	->load 0xc031a8f0+0x000001a8=0xc031aa98
	->load 0xc031aa98+0x0001a025=0xc0334abd ofs=0x002a2d84+0x1a025
	->load 0xc0334ac0+0x000ca2e0=0xc03feda0 ofs=0x001d8aa4+0xca2e0
load link 698 zero clear link 1.
kernel entry address: 0xc0100000
framebuffer: 240x320 type=5 linebytes=0 addr=0x00000000
console = 2
c0000000 11 50 00 c0 11 54 00 c0 11 58 00 c0 11 5c 00 c0
bfc00000 5e 45 01 c0 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
[ using 935088 bytes of netbsd ELF symbol table ]
kernsize=0x304000 (including 0xe44b0 symbols)

Copyright (c) 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001
    The NetBSD Foundation, Inc.  All rights reserved.
Copyright (c) 1982, 1986, 1989, 1991, 1993
    The Regents of the University of California.  All rights reserved.

NetBSD 1.5W (IPAQ) #115: Sun Jul  8 23:47:12 JST 2001
total memory = 32768 KB
avail memory = 25116 KB
using 307 buffers containing 1740 KB of memory
mainbus0 (root)
cpu0 at mainbus0: SA-1110 rev 6 (SA-1 core) DC enabled IC enabled WB enabled EABT
saip0 at mainbus0
saost0 at saip0 addr 0x90000000-0x9000001f
saost0: SA-11x0 OS Timer
sacom0 at saip0 addr 0xd000d000-0xd000d023 intr 17
sacom0: unknown SA11x0 UART
sacom0: console
salcd0 at saip0DMA_BASE= c0008000 : DMA_CUR = c0008050 
LCCR0   = 00000081 : LCCR1   = 0b100930 
LCCR2   = 0a0108ef : LCCR3   = 00000010
salcd0: SA-11x0 internal LCD controller
hpcfb0 at salcd0: hpcrasops 240x320 pixels, 65536 colors, 30x20 chars: multi
wsdisplay0 at hpcfb0
sagpcic0 at saip0
pcmcia0 at sagpcic0
pcmcia1 at sagpcic0
ipl_bio=00320000 ipl_net=00020000 ipl_tty=00020000 ipl_imp=00020000
ipl_audio=00020000 ipl_imp=00020000 ipl_high=00020000 ipl_serial=00020000
clock: hz=100 stathz = 64
md0: internal 256 KB image area
sagpcic0: card present
IBM, microdrive (manufacturer 0x00a4, product 0x0000) at pcmcia0,  function 0 not configured
boot device: <unknown>
root device: w md0
dump device (default md0b): 
file system (default generic): 
root on md0a dumps on md0b
no file system for md0 (dev 0x1200)
cannot mount root, error = 79
root device (default md0a): 
dump device (default md0b): 
file system (default generic): 
root on md0a dumps on md0b
no file system for md0 (dev 0x1200)
cannot mount root, error = 79
root device (default md0a): reboot      halt
syncing disks... done
The operating system has halted.
Please press any key to reboot.

Brett Lymn, Computer Systems Administrator, BAE SYSTEMS