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Re: Panic with assertion failure "hppa_intr_depth == 0" on E25

On Sun, Jan 27, 2008 at 01:24:26AM +0300, Sergey Svishchev wrote:
Good day,

Good news -- 4.99.49 boots to multiuser on E25 (diskless):

Bad news -- after 1-2 hours of compiling something it panics (reproducibly):

panic: kernel diagnostic assertion "hppa_intr_depth == 0" failed: file "/vol/2/s/src/sys/arch/hppa/hppa/trap.c", line 865 Stopped in pid 0.2 (system) at netbsd:cpu_Debugger+0x4: bv,n %r0(%r2)

...traceback (after rebuilding w/-fno-omit-frame-pointer):

Begin traceback...
(null)() at 0
__kernassert() at netbsd:__kernassert+0x58
trap() at netbsd:trap+0xc3c
-- trap #17
fdcache() at netbsd:fdcache+0x38
mbus_dmamap_sync() at netbsd:mbus_dmamap_sync+0xc4
iee_intr() at netbsd:iee_intr+0x2a78
hp700_intr_dispatch() at netbsd:hp700_intr_dispatch+0xa8
hppa_intr() at netbsd:hppa_intr+0x21c
trap() at netbsd:trap+0xa28
-- trap #4
idle_loop() at netbsd:idle_loop+0x154
-- trap #0
End traceback...

Sergey Svishchev

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