Subject: [OT] Giving away three HP9000/400t machines
To: None <>
From: Rodney Schuler <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 07/26/2006 23:57:18
I have not had time to tinker with them for several years now, so I
wish to find a good home for my HP9000/425t machines.  I will pay the
larger of 1/2 the shipping or the local computer disposal fee
($25/monitor and $5/computer) to be rid of these beasts.

Going from memory here are the specs (I'll confirm the specs when I
dig them out of the back of the closet.)

All three machines - HP9000 425t  (50/25 MHz 68040) and A1416A
Framebuffer.  Two of the machines have 48 MB RAM and two 330MB SCSI-1
disks.  The third machine has no memory cards and no disks (scavenged
to improve the other machines).

I have mice, keyboards and a 21" or 22" fixed frequency monitors for
all three.  I also have several of the serial splitter (club foot)

I'll throw in the rest of my SCSI-1 disks (4 @ 1GB each).
I also have a large stack (3'+) of various HP 9000 manuals.