Subject: Re: Xserver for NetBSD-3.x on Series 400 machines?
To: None <>
From: Izumi Tsutsui <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 05/21/2006 20:21:27 wrote:

> OpenBSD/hp300 has wesons? Nice.

Well, I admit they have had more activity than us...
(since they integrated our MI SCSI changes? 8^)

> Understandably. Well, thanks for the reply, I still like to maintain
> this machine and show that it can run a modern operating system at
> reasonable speeds (depending on the task). And show it on shows
> and fairs, maybe Vintage Computing Festival next year.  The machine
> turns 15 this year.

My first hp300 machine is HP382, which was picked up
from garbage dump about six years ago. ;-)
Then I bought HP425t on the auction (about $15 + more postage)
about two years ago to confirm my MI APCI com(4) changes and
to check framebuffer initialization bugs (port-hp300/23442 by you ;-)
because framebuffer on HP382 have not been supported (yet).
After that, I asked to take over hp300 port maintainer. Oh well.

Anyway, one problem to integrate wscons drivers is that we have
to switch all existing drivers (dv, gb, hy, rb and tc on both
intio and dio) at once, but I can confirm only topcat on my HP425t.
All changes should be trivial, but I'm afraid we could cause
longstanding silly bugs on console (which causes silent hangs and
hard to debug from remote) again if we put changes without tests
on the real hardware.

Actually, the problem of PR/23442 was caused by just missing
one badaddr() in cnattach functions during reorganization of
framebuffer drivers. On my MI APCI com(4) changes, there were
also several silly bugs that were turned out on the real hardware.
I've been looking for more hp300 machines, but there is not so
much one nowadays...
Izumi Tsutsui