Subject: Optical Disks (slightly off topic, maybe)
To: None <>
From: Sageev George <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 08/21/2002 20:28:32
Hey all:

I have an optical disk drive (Pinnacle Micro).  I don't know
a lot about it, except that it is a SCSI device.  I've been
trying to copy information from the 1.2 GB optical disks
that we have in my lab, but quite a number of them cannot
be read on a Windows 2000 machine, which makes me suspect
that there is not a FAT, VFAT, or NTFS type file system.

Is it possible that this device could
have been connected to an HP Apollo machine which was
running HP-UX?

If yes, what kind of filesystem type would it have
used, and is that filesystem supported by a NetBSD installation
on an HP425t? (I have 1.53 or 1.6 installed on one right now).

If not NetBSD, then any other OS?  I have access to machines
running Linux (Sparc and i386) and I could install OpenBSD
on the hp425t (I think) or NetBSD on an i386.

Any information about this situation would be helpful.