Subject: Re: Need help
To: Emanuele Olivetti <>
From: None <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 08/30/2000 12:46:26
Emanuele Olivetti <> writes:

> I found that my HP Apollo series 400 model is 425e ;
> display is HP a1097a, and I've external SCSI drive (maybe
> 1.2Gb). Does anyone know how to find more hardware
> description ? Which problems will I have ? (like internal
> hard drive problem, as seen in the FAQ... ops, is there an
> internal drive? :-)

I have a 425t that didn't have an internal drive, which
confused me for a while.  If you open up the drive and get
model numbers, often you can get specs from the
manufacturer's web site, at least with common brands like
Seagate.  Some brands have changed hands a few times since
then, so it can be tricky to track them down.  

However, that turned out to not be a big help for me, as
both my drives have variable track sizes (some tracks have
more sectors than others), so when I multiplied tracks *
sectors * heads, I ended up with a number of sectors greater
than are really there, and the last partitions didn't work.
Instead (on a suggestion from folks here), I watched the
boot messages, which told me the actual number of sectors
reported by the disks.

> Is my keyboard supported? (in INSTALL->supported devices
> there is an unhappy note)

I believe it's HP-HIL yes, Apollo no.  Mine have Apollo
keyboards, that have a PC-type round connector, so they
don't work.  That means X doesn't work, so I couldn't use
the monitors either, so I'm just using them headless.

> Is my display supported? (it's not in
> INSTALL->Supp.Dev.->Displays)

I think that's what one of mine is, but like I said, I never
got around to trying the monitor.  If the monitor or
keyboard don't work, you'll have to activate the console
port and hook a terminal or something up to it -- if the
425e will do that.

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