Subject: NetBSD
To: None <>
From: Carlo Vinante <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 08/29/2000 11:04:44
Hello Mauricio

I just visited your web page on Installing NetBSD using a Win95 box as
server .... only one word: GREAT.

Thanks to Michael Wolfson that gave me your web page address, I'll probably
install (finally) NetBSD on a HP 9000 345 workstation.=20

Just few questions ....
Did you experienced some special problem during the installation ?

I've got a win95 box right here, in my office. This machine is connected to
our LAN ... do you think is a good thing disconnect it from the lan and
make a peer-to-peer connection between the win95 box and the HP ws ?

Finally: which files did you "served" to the workstation ?
In my case, the HP ws looks automatically for a boot file (SYS_INST) to the
LAN, so I can imagine to prepare on the Win95 server two files for
transfer: SYS_INST and miniroot. Is make any sense for you (or anybody in
the ML)?

Thanks to everybody
I'll reply on the ML in order to keep updated this process (it could be
useful for somebody else ....)

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