Subject: Re: BOOT/LOAD problems
To: None <>
From: Carlo Vinante <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 08/29/2000 08:24:52
At 10:30 PM 8/28/00 -0400, you wrote:
>That makes it much harder.  Without another unix machine that supports
>rbootd, you can't netboot.  If you can borrow the linux machine for one
>day, netboot your hp, and install NetBSD onto the MO or a hard drive, that
>would be easiest.  See=
>If you can't do that, I think the best approach you can take is (since your
>linux machine doesn't like the MO) to find a spare SCSI hard drive.
>Install this on your linux machine and use the dd command to copy the
>SYS_INST installer program to the hard drive.  The command would be
>something like:
>dd if=3DSYS_INST of=3D/dev/sda
>Now, you should be able to put this HD in your 345 and boot it.  With this
>SYS_INST program, you can "disklabel" your MO, install the miniroot onto
>it, boot the miniroot, and install the rest of the OS.  I know, it's a bit
>of a pain, but with only NT at your disposal, and with the current install
>tools, that's all you can do.
>So, once you have SYS_INST on your spare HD, you need to install an NFS
>server on your NT machine (I'm pretty sure that it can't download the
>miniroot via FTP, only by NFS).  Look at
><>  for info on how someone
>set up Windows as an NFS server.
>Good luck, you'll need it.
>  -- MW

Hi Michael

thanks for the suggestions you gave me.

At the moment I'm going to try with an old HPUX system.
I asked to a friend of mine, just last night, to borrow me an HPIB hard
disk and tape he used on a similar workstation (a 9000/340).
I don't know wich revision is installed on the HD, but surely is an HP UX
with X11 too; moreover, this system should be configured to run FTP ....
My idea is to connect via FTP to, download all the needed files
in order to "disklabel" the HD (and MO), copy those files and so on ....

Do you think shuld work ?

Thanks again
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