Subject: Re: BOOT/LOAD problems
To: None <>
From: Carlo Vinante <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 08/28/2000 15:05:42
At 09:52 AM 8/28/00 -0400, you wrote:
> Is the MO set to 512 or 2048 bytes?
> In order to get your hp to netboot, you need the following services on NT
> rarp, bootparams,rbootd and NFS. All these are in all BSD, but NONE are on
>NT. That will makes things quite hard.
> Chris

Hi Chris

really I don't know. I suppose 512 bytes.
I have no access to the system. The only thing I can do is just turn them
on and see the boot message showed by the cpu .....

You are right: it's QUITE hard !

It seems that the only way to boot is using the network.
What about using an old HP UX system (loaded on HP IB disks) ?
Could be useful ? 
I mean: if I could find it (HPUX) I could copy SYS_INST and the miniroot
(or at least THE SYSTEM) on the 9144 HPIB Tape and use it to proceed for a
new boot/installation on my SCSI disk .....

What do you think ?