Subject: BOOT/LOAD problems
To: None <>
From: Carlo Vinante <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 08/28/2000 14:35:19
Hello to everybody.

I' ve already posted few months ago some requests on booting my 9000/345=
After Michael Lorenz has answered me ... bytwy, I would thanks a lot
Michael for the help he gave me :-)
I tried those suggestions, but unsuccesfully .... too bad.

Briefly, the problem is: I'm not able to boot and load the OS on this=

Here is the configuration:

HP 9000/345 + RGB board + 16" display + keyb + mouse
SCSI Hard Disk (coming from a WinXX machine): Quantum Lightning ProDrive
SCSI Magneto Optical Drive: Maxtor RXT-800HS;

Following is the boot message:

Copyright 1989,
Hewlett-Packard Company.
All Right Reserved.

Bitmapped Video
MC 68030 Processor
MC 68882 Coprocessor
Configuration EEPROM
HP-HIL. Keyboard
RAM 12582660 bytes
HP 98644 (RS232) at 9
HP 98265 (SCSI S 32) at 14
HP 98643 (LAN) at 21, 080009095D3B

After connecting all together I can see that the cpu search for a system
even on the MO drive; I supposed this because I can see some activity on MO
drive during the boot process.=20

So, I could think that it should be possible to boot the system from the MO

Finall, my questions are :

How can I initialize the MO disk in order to copy on it the SYS_BOOT and
SYS_INST files using a Win NT box, and perform the boot/load process on the
9000/345 ?

I can only use WinXX machines (NT workstation); I tried to mount the MO
drive on a Linux machine (it's not mine ...), but it hangs up during the
process (kernel panik ....).=20
May be I could boot from the network and then after mountd and initialized
the hard disk, I could install the NetBSD on it, but I have very little

I can use a Windows NT, FTP server, but I don't think it shuold be useful,
isn't it ?=20

Whow ! A lot of stuffs to do .....

Thanks in advance for any help
Many Greetings

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