Subject: Re: old hp345 hardware problem
To: None <>
From: Peter Radcliffe <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 08/14/2000 16:36:59
Michael Lorenz <> probably said:
> > - no harddrive
> Should take almost any older SCSI and SCSI-II drive. Beware of Quantum
> and IBM drives since the BootPROM assumes rather rigid timing that most
> newer drives don't meet. Curiously enough my ZIP, my 1GB Seagate drive
> and most older <500MB drives have no problems.

Beware; a machine like a 345 may be HPIB-only and not have a scsi bus.

> > is it working ?
> Maybe. take some nullmodem cable and attach some kind of terminal ( any
> computer with a decent terminal program will do ), set it to 9600 baud,
> 7E1, maybe XON/XOFF, don't really know and fire up the hp. it should use
> it's RS232 as console when no keyboard is found. Maybe someone else can
> tell you more about this since I never really used the serial console
> mode.

Also beware - the 9 pin serial port that you can use as a console
isn't the standard 9 pin serial. There is info around on the pinout,
and how to turn on serial console, but I forget exactly where. The
netbsd hp300 docs and the fatmac docs (forgot the url, and am worked
off my feet right now) would be a good place to start.