Subject: old hp345 hardware problem
To: None <>
From: Maxime Kurkdjian <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 08/14/2000 19:52:27
hi, i just found an old hp345.
there are several problem with it:
- no screen (3 BNC connector at the rear)
- no keyboard (the connector doesn't seem realy conventional)
- no harddrive
- when i switch it on i got this sound 'i o o i i i o'
'i' is a high sound
'o' is a low sound
some of the red led in the front are lighting

rear (motherboard)
. o . . o o o .
cr2	cr1

can i do something with that computer ?
is it working ?(i don't have any manuals)
is it possible to access to the firmeware throught the serial port ?

ps: i'm not in the mailing list so cc' me

Maxime Kurkdjian
Choisy Club - 75013 Paris