Subject: 425e pecularities
To: None <>
From: Kevin Read <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 08/07/2000 06:48:39

My 425e boots wonderfully into multiuser via netboot when rc.conf is
configured on the NFS root. I get all dmesg on the serial console. I can't
type anything tho on the serial. I have to login via telnet.
As soon as the HIL keyboard is hit, the box panics and gives me an MMU
fault. If it helps, I can get a dump of the crash and mail it somebody.

I even got it to boot from SCSI, but when doing so, the le0 device is
found by the kernel, but it can't configure it. So I can't login with
telnet, console is nonfunctional und HIL crashes NetBSD.

I'd greatly appreciate any help. This box drives me bonkers. I'd love to
see it running NetBSD from SCSI.

BTW, the discussion around framebuffer support for the 425e seems to have
died down. I'm no kernel hacker, but if I can be of any help, just say so.

Thanks a lot!