Subject: Can't we limit outside access to this list?
To: None <>
From: Justin Tripp <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 08/01/2000 09:06:19
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Is it possible to setup the lists to limit outside access, so
that we do not receive the above sort of spam on this list.  I have used
the mailing list program Sympa on NetBSD without any problems and it has
great controls for limiting access and moderating.  I would highly
recommend if the current system does not have those capabilities.


Justin Leonard Tripp                         
Configurable Computing Laboratory Research Assistant      CB 461 x8-7206
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department  Brigham Young University

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Content-Description: Do you need any golfballs?? (fwd)

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Subject: Do you need any golfballs??

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Remember - The Ballman Saves You Money
Tue Aug  1 00:03:02 CDT 2000: 0073