Subject: Needing to part with some of my HPs
To: None <>
From: Wes Brown <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 03/29/2000 15:43:09
I do not want to clutter the list with for sale stuff, so I will make
things short.

My wife has been insisting that I get rid of some of my computers.  I have
negotiated keeping one HP 9000/340 with SCSI hard drive and card.

All the rest of my stuff she is wanting halled to the curb.

Having potentially useful equipment hit the land fill just does not sit
well with me.  (It is part of the reason I have the equipment to begin

Anyway.  If you might be wanting an HP 9000/300 or 340, HP-IB drives,  340
expansion boxes, 700/xx terminals, etc. send me e-mail directly and I will
send you a list of what I have.

All I am looking for is someone to pay to get the equipment to that

Thank you for your time.

Wes Brown