Subject: Re: Info request
To: Carlo Vinante <>
From: Michael Lorenz <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 03/29/2000 12:49:45
Greetings !

> I am a new subscriber and a "new" diskless HP9000/345 owner.
I have one too, nice machine :-)

> Should be my intention to use the 345 as a graphic terminal connected to a
> Linux server.
No. The 345 can do better things.

> 1 - suggestions, tips, tricks ?
when you have a HP-IB floppy drive then don't bother with netbooting,
just take the network "bootsector" from the NetBSD site, put it on a DD
disk and the machine should boot it.

> 2 - Could I install a 'standard' SCSI disk ?
Yes and no - from SCSI-I to SCSI-II there seemed to be some changes in
some timing parameters, the BootPROM may be unable to see more modern
disks. This is no problem for the kernel.
I have a 2GB IBM (DCAS something) that the BootPROM doesn't find so I
boot from a ZIP drive ( strange enough the slower device is able to
respond in time while the faster harddisk isn't... )
so when you ad a disk:
- avoid Quantum. They have this timing problem ( all of them AKAIK )
- avoid SCIS-3 (ultra SCSI) disks as boot disks since it seems that they
all have this timing problem.
- a 1GB Seagate drive ( one of those ultra slim things ) worked fine for
- maybe find an older drive to boot from and add a bigger/newer one for
real use.

>      I can have for free SCSI disks and CDROM driver
>      scrapped out from Macintoshes ......
Give it a try ! Any standard SCSI equipment should work ( when you find
something to boot from ) When the drives are old enough they may work
with the BootPROM.

Don't take me wrong - once a kernel is loaded this timing problem
doesn't exist, it is just the BootPROM. Older kernels (<1.4) needed a
patch, 1.4 and later don't.

hope this helps