Subject: Re: panic: enter: out of address space
To: Steve Peurifoy <>
From: Michael Wolfson <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 03/25/2000 17:12:02
At 11:05 AM -0700 3/25/00, Steve Peurifoy wrote:

:)I think it means that the hp300 pmap needs work.  I've seen
:)it too (and allocation of any sort of huge data space didn't
:)appear to be involved).  Fortunately it's rare.

Unfortunately, it's not that rare -- I'm compiling up the 1.4.2 packages
and it's panic'ed on me twice in three days.  Actually, come to think of
it, this is the only type of crash I've *ever* had on my hp400 machines
since I stopped using the XhpBSD server.

Since I didn't find a PR on this, and since you know a lot more about the
problem than I do, would you mind submitting a PR?

Is there any kindly m68k guru out there that would be willing to fix this?

I'm not sure if this is related, but a few packages fail compiling with:
virtual memory exhausted

In particular, I can't get kdelibs and imlib to compile, and these are
necessary for for a lot of cool software.

  -- MW

:)The pmap plays some ugly games to work with the 68040's fixed
:)three level page table scheme and sometimes it falls over in
:)attempting to allocate a second level table page.  There are a
:)few comments in pmap_bootstrap() that describe some of the
:)issues but it seems like there's some subtle bug lurking in the
:)code somewhere as well.  I once formed the impression that either
:)the amiga or atari port (I don't remember which) did a better
:)job on this but I haven't looked closely enough to get a good
:)idea of how much work would be involved in stealing their methods
:)for the 040.