Subject: Re: panic: enter: out of address space
To: Michael Wolfson <>
From: Steve Peurifoy <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 03/25/2000 10:06:27
> Every once in a while I get the following crash:
> panic: enter: out of address space
> Any ideas what it means?  I've got 32 MB RAM and 64 MB swap.

I think it means that the hp300 pmap needs work.  I've seen
it too (and allocation of any sort of huge data space didn't
appear to be involved).  Fortunately it's rare.

The pmap plays some ugly games to work with the 68040's fixed
three level page table scheme and sometimes it falls over in
attempting to allocate a second level table page.  There are a
few comments in pmap_bootstrap() that describe some of the
issues but it seems like there's some subtle bug lurking in the
code somewhere as well.  I once formed the impression that either
the amiga or atari port (I don't remember which) did a better
job on this but I haven't looked closely enough to get a good
idea of how much work would be involved in stealing their methods
for the 040.

-Steve (please forgive the broken date from my mailer - I'll
        fix that one of these days)