Subject: Need help with HP9000/360 boot-up over a network
To: None <>
From: Ognen Duzlevski <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 08/30/1999 14:40:00

I bought an HP 9000/300 and am trying to boot it up over the network. The
server is a machine running FreeBSD 3.2 and I have all the daemons running
- rbootd, rarpd, bootparamd, mountd and nfsd. I even set-up a DNS
local domain and am running named to be able to locally resolve machine
names and IPs. However, the HP machine ( is getting
responses from rbootd, rarpd and rbootparamd perfectly but it wont mount
the /export directory where the client kernel of netbsd is. the exports
file on the server has the following line in it:

/export -alldirs -maproot=root

and mountd refuses the -alldirs line. Without this line it is running but
it still refuses the client (HP) any requests. nfsd is running normally.
All this results in me not beeing able to boot up the HP. Under what
conditions would mountd refuse requests from the client machine? Is there
any way to fix this? Who do I talk to?

/export is the dir in which I have /export/ where my
netbsd kernel is. 

besides running a DNS local server my /etc/hosts file is set-up properly.

my bootparams file is:

where dezdemona is the server running FreeBSD.

I also have ethers and rbootd.conf files set up properly and I know for a
fact that bootparamd is running OK since it does return to the client the
path in bootparams file which I can verify on the HP screen.

The last message I get from the HP is:

le(0,0,1,0): unknown error: code -1
boot: unknown error: code -1

and then after a few tries to the server mountd the HP writes:

le(0,0,1,0): device not configured
boot: device not configured

I assume this is a problem with the mountd/nfsd on the server or am I
missing something?

Please help since I am desperate :(

All the best,
Ognen Duzlevski at the University of Saskatchewan
tel: 306 343-8640