Subject: Simple dvbox question
To: None <>
From: Jarkko Teppo <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 08/03/1999 13:56:44

Can I use a 98720 card to connect a fully loaded 
98730 to a 380 ?

Longer version:
I recently acquired a 98720 DIO-II (or half of it)
card and was surprised to see that it had the 
same bus connectors as a 98730 (LGB ? dvbox). 

Of I go and rip the catseye-card away, shove in the
98720, connect the big cable to the dvbox and 
RGB-cable to the monitor (98789A). 
Power on, (first dvbox, then SPU) and I get 
a red screen followed by a green and a blue screen
and after those, the
familiar ROM-messages. Whoopee, I think and start
loading netbsd.

It's recognized by the kernel:
blaablaa dvbox at intioblabla 1280 x 1280 blaablaa
and everything seems to work, except X.
I'm using Xhpux and it works fine with the catseye
startx doesn't work, neither does
# /emul/hpux/usr/bin/X11/Xhpux
blaablaa Can't communicate with shared GRM process.
and then it dies. Xhpbsd doesn't work either.

grmd is in /emul/usr/lib and at some point it 
did complain about not finding /usr/lib/grmd.
Making a link didn't work.

The dvbox itself is fully loaded with
heatsin^H^H^H^H^Hcards though I have no idea what
they have.

Does anybody have any ideas or am I simply using
a wrong interface card ?? Should I start stripping
the dvbox or should I start looking for a 
correct interface card ?

Jarkko Teppo