Subject: 350 up and running!
To: None <>
From: William Warner <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 07/31/1999 12:17:49
Hi -
   I just wanted to say thanks to the folks who worked on the
NetBSD hp300 support, and the NetBSD/hp300 documentation.

   I bought a couple 350's at a surplus place (almost hospitalizing
myself moving the 7937 disks :-), then I blindly followed directions, and
everything worked!  I now have a networked-boot 350 up and running on
the net.  One of the disks works, and so I plan to install onto the
disk when I get a chance.

   Next: I need an HIL keyboard and mouse to get the graphics console
and/or X up and running...  I have the "cats-eye" graphics (98550A).
Anyone have any extras?

Bill Warner