Subject: Re: R6 server anywhere?
To: Paul <>
From: Greg Oster <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 07/27/1999 13:09:16
Paul writes:
> Dear All;
> 	Has anyone got a X11R6 server for hp300's? 

I don't think so... I've been watching for one for years.. :-/

> If not, does anyone have
> any comments or advice about building one?

"Good luck."  I had a look at the R5 stuff, and determined that it's going 
to take more than just a few evenings of work to get an R6 server happening.. 
(at least for me... others more versed in X11 internals and console
devices are invited to show me how easy it is :) ) 

(Please don't take this as trying to put a damper on any efforts you or 
anyone else might be willing to put in to get an X11R6 server on hp300... 
with sufficient programming effort I'm sure it's quite doable.. it's just 
that no one has taken the time to do it yet :) )


Greg Oster