Subject: Re: HP 9000/382 has frodo & friends
To: None <>
From: Ray Irvine <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 07/16/1999 09:35:18
Here is a little more information on 382 computers:

-Max memory: 32MB (ECC)
-Framebuffer: there are actually three configurations:
 VGA: 640x480 as Jarkko described
 Medium resolution: 1024x768, 72Hz, sync on green
 High resolution: 1280x1024, 72Hz, sync on green

The VGA and Medium res. share the same PCB, populated differently.  The
High res. uses an entirely different PCB.  HP, in their infinite wisdom,
do not indicate the resolution in the system part number.  The only part
number that indicates the resolution is on the bottom of the mainboard,
requiring complete disassembly of unit.  However, it is possible to
determine the resolution by looking at the configuration of the video
ram on the mainboard.
Jarkko is correct that the board is DIO compatible and can be used in a
standard 300 series chassis.  You can also then disable the built-in
video on the mainboard and use it with a standard framebuffer.

Ray Irvine

Jarkko Teppo wrote:
> Hello all!
> I got my hands on a 382 about a week ago and
> started digging it's innards a couple of days
> ago. Here are some deltas to a straight 380:
> -19" rackmountable case 2U tall (10cm ?)
> -4*72pin simms, apparently parity required. Currently
>  two 8MB simms. Max size ?
> -built-in scsi (380 has one too)
> -the unsupported built-in framebuffer is strictly
>  VGA, 640x480x8bit, no sync-on-green,select code
>  was 133 or something
> -one DIO-I slot, connected via two small funky
>  connectors, not ribbon-cable.
> -ethernet card is also connected with the same
>  connectors, it's a really small card. (take
>  two pcmcia cards)
> -The main board has (normally unused) DIO-II
>  connectors so it was possible to connect it to
>  the 380 case (4*DIO-II, 4*DIO-I) and use the
>  cards in there.
> -Utility chip at 41 !