Subject: NetBSD-current snapshot (19990707)
To: None <>
From: Greg Oster <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 07/09/1999 16:40:22
Hi folks

I've just uploaded a snapshot of NetBSD-current as of July 7, 1999.
You can find everything (binaries and corresponding sources) in:

Note that the X11 stuff is not included -- you can pick those files up 
from the 1.4 directory.

(for some unknown reason, I needed to do 'make SHLIB_MAJOR=0 SHLIB_MINOR=0'
in src/lib/libarch as otherwise /usr/lib/ would not get built.
I don't know why this is.. yet..  Otherwise the snapshot should be self-hosting
with the included sources )



Greg Oster