Subject: Re: Hp425 and cdm serial ports, still not working
To: Chris Rupnik <>
From: Jarkko Teppo <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 06/30/1999 10:30:07
Chris Rupnik wrote:

>apci at frodo0 offset 0x20 not configured
>apci0 at frodo0 offset 0x40: no fifo
>apci1 at frodo0 offset 0x60: no fifo
>dio0 at mainbus0: 98620C, 2 channels, 32 bit DMA
>nhpib0 at dio0 scode 7 ipl 3: internal HP-IB
>hpibbus0 at nhpib0
>ppi0 at hpibbus0 slave 5 punit 0
>dca0 at dio0 scode 9 ipl 5: working fifo

Does the dca0 work ?


>dcm0 at dio0 scode 26 ipl 3
>dcm1 at dio0 scode 27 ipl 3
>dcm2 at dio0 scode 28 ipl 3
>dcm3 at dio0 scode 29 ipl 3

>interrupt levels: bio = 4, net = 5, tty = 5

Okay, does anybody have working dcm:s with ipl=3 ?
I couldn't get mine to work at three (kernel crash) but I saw
the "interrupt levels" line on boot and decided to switch them to ipl=5.
They seem to work now..(two four port models, ipl=5 scodes 16 and 17)

Is it possible to mix'n'match ipl:s with tty devices and what does
the "interrupt levels" line really mean ?

Jarkko Teppo