Subject: Re: HP9000/425 info needed on serial ports
To: Chris Rupnik <>
From: Jarkko Teppo <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 06/23/1999 10:08:45
> I just got a 425 working (netbooted) and need some info on my
>serial port options. I have many suns that i would like serial console of.
> I know that there is a serial mux board available for this 425. Question
>is whether netbsd would support all 8 ports coming off it.
> How come there are so many dcm ports, 1 dca port, and then the apci
>ports, and what is their usages?

dca port is the normal, default, always-there port (at least on 3xx).
Don't know about apci.

> Thanks
>dcm0 at dio0 scode 26 ipl 3
>dcm1 at dio0 scode 27 ipl 3
>dcm2 at dio0 scode 28 ipl 3
>dcm3 at dio0 scode 29 ipl 3

This looks like two eight port dcm boards. If I remember correctly the eight
port boards appear as two consecutive four port cards.

And yes, netbsd should (and probably will) support them, if you have
a dumb terminal it's easy to try them out. If you get a lot of crashes try
changing the ipl to something else.. that's the way I got my four port card

Good luck,
Jarkko Teppo