Subject: Re: Bootp problems with HP300
To: Jochen Friedrich <>
From: Michael Wolfson <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 06/05/1999 14:46:47
At 4:55 PM +0200 6/5/99, Jochen Friedrich wrote:

:)There is a second jumper block marked "HPIB/RS232" with another jumper
:)labeled "REM". That one switches to a remote console and aparently is the
:)"REM DIP" you are talking about.

Ah, yes.  There is indeed a second REM DIP switch on the interface board
(on the LAN DIP block, where you can set the LAN select code and interrupt
level).  The manual says:

Local/Remote Switch
	The interface is shipped from the factory with the remote/local
	switch set to local mode (0).  We recommend that you leave
	this setting alone.

  -- MW