Subject: CPU switch settings for 380
To: None <>
From: Vic Kelson <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 03/27/1999 09:47:59
Hi Y'All.

I have a 380 SRX system that has been running NetBSD for some time, but
not very actively.  I recently got a fixed-frequency video adapter for
my Intel machine so that I can use the 19-inch monitor with Linux, and
now I want to configure the 380 to run without the SRX box (I live in
south Florida, and the graphics accelerator makes a fine and unwelcome
space heater <grin>).

I know there's a switch setting on the CPU for this, but I can't locate
my hardware manual since our recent move from up north.  Can someone
tell me how to do this?  What I plan to do is make the 380 into a small
NetBSD system for thinkering and so forth -- I'll set it up with a disk
for now, and perhaps ultimately run it diskless...

Incidentally, I have a BUNCH of 300-series stuff around the house,
cables, digitizer tablets, keyboards, a tape changer, etc.  Anyone want