Subject: problem booting 9000/340
To: None <>
From: shinex <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 03/17/1999 16:13:15
I have a happy little HP 9000/340 here that I'm trying to get netBSD
installed on, and I've run into a bit of a wierd problem that I cant
really diagnose because I know jack about HP 9000/340s.

During the boot sequence, I get:

HP98643 (LAN) at 21 080009032844 Failed

and then it kinda sits there forever.  at the bottom of the screen, it
claims to be "SEARCHING FOR A SYSTEM", but I think that the lan error is
probably keeping it from doing that.

My question - is this a recoverable error?  Is it an error at all?  I have
put a aui<->10bT transceiver on the AUI lan port, and all the approprite
polarity and link lights go on - the link light on my hub comes on too.
Should I turn the SQE test switch on the transceiver on?  If my LAN port
is broken, can I fix that, or am I better off gettign a workign machine?

Damned newbies, so full of questions.  If anyone has any thoughts, I'd be
more than happy to try anything.

ps - I dont have a keyboard hooked up.  I figured I wouldn't spend the
money buying one unless this was a recoverable problem.  I doubt that the
lack of keyboard is causing this error message, but who knows, you know?