Subject: Free HP300 components for NetBSD/hp300 developers
To: None <>
From: Michael Wolfson <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 03/03/1999 12:03:01
I've amassed quite a variety of hp300 hardware that I don't really need.
I'd be willing to "fund" the following projects with appropriate hardware
or RAM upgrades (roughly in order of importance):

   X11R6.3 server
   domain keyboard/mouse support (400 series)

port to hp300 the new installer (as seen in other NetBSD ports)

Machine Independent SCSI (400 series)
   support for more DAT drives
   support for CD-Audio
   fix problems with quantum drives

standalone drivers
   support for bootp/dhcp in bootloader to replace bootparams/rarp
   overhaul of standalone ethernet driver (fix nfs errors)
   overhaul of standalone scsi driver (to better support st devices)
   overhaul of standalone ct driver (to support streaming tape drives)

overhaul of rd driver (performance, support more models of drives)

Machine Independent sz (serial)
   fix hangs with serial terminals

parallel port support (400 series)

ISA support (400 series)

overhaul of ppi interface (plotter on hpib)

support for more DIO-II framebuffers (98705)

SGC support (400s)

floating point accelerator for 370 (98248B)

I'd also be willing to sell a bunch of stuff to non-developers (to help pay
for shipping of stuff I donate), such as RAM, HIL keyboards, HIL mice.

I've also got monitors, hard drives, and complete systems, but I'm not
willing to ship those -- I'm just a poorly paid grad student in Ithaca, New
York (so if you live nearby we can work something out).

Let's see some action around here!  Some of us live and die by our hp300s
(for lack of faster hardware).

Please respond by private email.

  -- MW