Subject: Great Prices On Titleist - MaxFli - Strata - Titanium Golf Balls
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Date: 02/09/1999 18:52:02
We Are Currently Offering Great Prices On All Our Titleist Products

                                                             Item #
Titleist Professional               $19.00 doz               RHS11T
Titleist Tour Balatas               $17.00 doz               RHS10T
Titleist Tour Distance              $19.00 doz               RHS13T
Titleist HP2 Tours                  $14.00 doz               RHS12T
Titleist HP2 Distance               $14.00 doz               RD31T
Titleist HVC                        $12.00 doz               RD32T
Titleist DT 2pc                     $11.00 doz               RD30T
Titleist DT                         $11.00 doz               RM20T

These are our superb premium quality golf balls, the finest quality available.  We have these balls in stock now for immediate shipment.  These are NOT X-OUTS or factory seconds.

Other great values include

Strata                              $18.00 doz               RHS16T
MaxFli Revolution                   $18.00 doz               RHS15
Precept DynaWing                    $18.00 doz               RHS19P
Precept MC & DC                     $16.00 doz               RHS20P
Precept EV Spin or Distance         $14.00 doz               RMS24
Staff Titanium Distance or Spin     $15.00 doz               RD38W
Viper-Worlds Longest Golf Ball      $16.00 doz               ND08V

Pinnacle Xtreme                     $ 9.00                   RD40P
Pinnacle Gold                       $ 7.00                   RD41P
Top Flite Magna                     $ 9.00                   RD34TF
Top Flite Tour                      $10.00                   RMS25T
Slazenger Raw or Spin               $16.00                   RD36S
TopFlite Aero                       $13.00                   RD42TF
Top Flite Hot XL                    $ 9.00                   RD35TF
Ultras                              $ 9.00                   RD37U

We have nearly every kind of ball imaginable, always at less than half of manufacturer's suggested list.  We also carry a fabulous selection of women's golf balls and optical yellow balls.

3 doz min order
Add $1.50 per doz shipping and handling
No sales tax unless you live in Texas (Tex residents add 8.25%)
Most orders UPS delivered within 4 days.
All Credit Cards Accepted

Call 888-507-7566 to order by credit card, 281-561-5033 for check-fax orders.  Write to me at for a complete catalog.

Best Wishes For Great Golf
Dana Jones
The Ballman Saves You Money