Subject: Re: identifying hp's
To: None <>
From: noud de brouwer <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 09/27/1998 22:06:19
>On 27-Sep-98 Herb Peyerl wrote:
>> (noud de brouwer)  wrote:
>>  > hi..there's a fair (second hand things for sale) in my village.
>>  > there are some HP9121, 9122, 9123 and a 9133..

>They're drives.  I have a 9121 (that collects dust very well) that's a
>dual 3.5" floppy with a GPIB/HPIB interface.  Don't get too excited, the

indeed, as it turned out (at the end of the fair(?) they allowed me to
pick for free..destruction was the alternative)
the HP9121, 9122, 9123
are dual floppy drives and a HP-IB bus..
the 9123 has an extra pc keyboardish plug??
the 9133 is a (ST-255) 20Mb(?) harddisk combined w/ 1 floppy and the
HP-IB bus again.. pitty pitty no CPU found.

i toped it of w/ 2 consoles a 120 and a 150 containing a printer as well.
strange (for me) ..them contain HP-IB as well

>3.5" drives only do about 180K or something like that.  Nowhere's near

hum..'old' specs still make me wonder

>at work.  In any event for $2.50 they're be great if you have a boat.

luckely i got the local univ.'s 9000 300 cpu's a few years ago..
still want to get them going w/ NetBSD so things will come handy
in a few, or more, months ..
and now i have more comparision i can pick hp stuff more carefull
next time ;)
(ideally i'd like a box running for every port)

ahum no boat..
but the house gets crouded w/ things other people throw away ;)
i'm so enormishly pleased that i'm able to run NetBSD on them!

thanx all for responding..
it gives me a bit of a push to play w/ other/unknown hardware
and it gives me the feeling i'm not left out in learning and
enjoying the fruits of our computer past.