Subject: identifying hp's
To: None <>
From: noud de brouwer <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 09/27/1998 15:19:50
hi..there's a fair (second hand things for sale) in my village.
there are some HP9121, 9122, 9123 and a 9133..
just for about $2.50..real cheap but does it run NetBSD ??

me not knowing the HP machines..i'm not sure if they are in
the what's called 9000 familie..sounds like they are

but on the netbsd hardware pages on we speak
about other types i don't see any 9133 etc.

should i leave them given my criterium of being able to
run/up NetBSD on them??

please, i'm not regular on the port-hp300 list..
could/will you respond to

the fair lasts for still 1.5hour..dunno the list 'turnaround' time
but if you can shed some light on this ..thanx