Subject: System lockups
To: None <>
From: Mike Kelly <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 09/17/1998 15:27:50
I am running 1.3.2 GENERIC on an HP 400 and have experienced system lockups
every few days.  The machine in question sits on my desk at home and doesn't
do much for most of the day.  On a good day, I get to play with it for four
hours.  Sometimes I find the machine locked up, with nothing out of the norm
in the log messages, and no blinking on the cup light.  These lock ups occur
sporadically, sometimes several times a day, other times not once in a week.

I run xdm on console and have turned off the screen saver to see if I get
anything written to the xconsole (I'll see if this results in anything tonight
if I find the machine hung).

I have tried running the kernel with the -d option, but that didn't seem to
log anything useful.
I have another HP 400 which I switched from because it had the same problem.

At this point I don't have much to go on, I'm still not convinced if this is
a hardware problem or a software problem.

I'd like to know what the problem is, even if it's unfixable.  What else can I
try to find out what the problem is?