Subject: Using MO drive with 1024byte/sector media ?
To: None <>
From: Marc Gutschner <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 09/02/1998 10:10:11
Hi !

I've recently acquired a HP650/A MO drive (300+ MB/side) that is 
currently connected to my HP9000/375. It get's detected by the kernels 
sd-driver as sd0 and with the a sector size of 1k/block, as I currently 
only have 1024 bytes/sector media. I'm having somewhat of a hard time 
to use it. I'm running -current (supped on 08/30) and seem to be unable 
to newfs a disk that has been low-level formatted and disk-labeled :-( 
The label seems to be writte to the disk when I use the disktab entry 
for 'sd650-sony'. As soon as I try to newfs a partition, I get 
something like "no space on device" :-( Are there any 'special voodoo 
magic rituals' that I need to conduct to use this MO drive with 
NetBSD ? I don't need to boot from the MO (the HP is net-booted) but 
would like to use it for local storage. 

Another thing: Does anyone out there know what 512 byte/sector media I
can use with this bugger ? Especially a source in Germany would be 
nice :-)