Subject: Re: Serial Console Switch on HP9000/360
To: Matthew N. Dodd <>
From: Ian Clark <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 06/23/1998 21:44:14
On Wed, 17 Jun 1998, Matthew N. Dodd wrote:

> I've got a cute little 360 but no keyboard or monitor.
> My research indicates that this unit has a dip switch to enable serial
> console (others required frobbing via the graphics console to make the
> switch.)
> Does anyone have the dip switch information I need to enable the serial
> console?

My hp notes say that the dip switch settings are:
SC (HP IB) 			1*=system controller 
				0=not system controller

DIS (DISPLAY ENABLE) 		1=disabled 

REM (REMOTER TERM ENABLE) 	0*=local mode 
				1=remote mode

EN (RS232 Conrol line defeat) 	0=ctrl lines defeated 
				1*=control lines defeated!  
				Hmm a typo.. 


To enable the remote console you should only need to set the remote mode.
If you have more than 1 serial port with remote set (maybe on a 4 channel 
card), the one with the lowest select code is selected. (Well thats what 
the book says...)

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