Subject: Re: Serial Console Switch on HP9000/360
To: Matthew N. Dodd <>
From: Steve Peurifoy <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 06/18/1998 20:03:01
> I've got a cute little 360 but no keyboard or monitor.
> My research indicates that this unit has a dip switch to enable serial
> console (others required frobbing via the graphics console to make the
> switch.)
> Does anyone have the dip switch information I need to enable the serial
> console?

Each serial device capable of serving as a console should have a switch
marked "REM" or "R" for "remote".  This includes things like the 98642A
mux board as well as the built-in serial port.  You want to turn on the
remote switch for the device you want to use as console.  The bootrom
is supposed to have a priority scheme if more than one device is enabled
but I'm not sure it worked quite right - my advice is to not turn on
the remote switch for more than one device.

Long ago I tried to use a 98642A as a console and NetBSD had some problem
with that, but that may well have been fixed.  The built-in serial port
works fine.  The remote switch for the built-in port is located on the
system interface board in a bank of four switches labelled "HPIB/RS232".