Subject: Re: How big a disk do i need?
To: Stan Brown <>
From: Zadok <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 03/31/1998 07:43:53
Hi there...

>         I recently aquried a number of 300/400 boces. I intend to put
> NetBSD on some of
>         them. Unfortunatley most are only capable of HPIB, and the
> number of disks I got
>         was quite limited. So here is the question. How much disk
> space do I need to
>         install only the binaries, how much for source? Alsow I woulld
> appreciate answers
>         with and without X.

I got NetBSD working on a 320 with a 120MB HPIB disk including X but
without kernel sources, but anyway, compiling a kernel wouldn't be fun
with 5MB RAM and a 16MHz 68020... if you could do it on a 345 :-)

I used 16MB for swapping, 20MB for / and the rest for /usr, a bit
squeezy but it worked ( slow... more or less because of the very limited