Subject: Question about 400T
To: None <port-hp300@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Kyle Mestery <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 03/29/1998 12:38:29
Hi, I have a 400T that has been happilly running diskless off of a Sparc
running NetBSD-1.3.  The problem is the hp has only 8MB of RAM, and
swapping over nfs is incredibly slow.  I noticed upon bootup the hp
appears to have SCSI onboard.  A quick glance at the back shows a place
for an external SCSI connector, but none there.  Upon opening up the case,
I notice there is a space on the motherboard that looks like it could be
used for a SCSI connector, but there is nothing there.  What are the
chances that I can get a SCSI controller on this 400T?  Thanks much,
NetBSD runs flawlessly on this thing!

Kyle Mestery
StorageTek's Network Systems Group
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