Subject: 4xx memory modules
To: None <port-hp300@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Ben Hockenhull <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 12/25/1997 23:52:06
[slightly off topic, but of interest, I hope.]

Having had a few problems on a recent trade for a couple 8 meg Apollo 4xx
memory modules for my NetBSD machine (no one on this list, AFAIK), I'm
trying to compile a list of part numbers and sizes for the various
HP-manufactured and third party modules so I can make sense of it all.

Anyone who has additions/corrections/clarifications, please let me know.
Some of this info is taken from, and some
from memory in my machine.  If there's interest, I'll be happy to summarize
to the list.  If someone else has done this already, that'd be good to know
as well.


98229B:		8MB MEMORY,(2)98229-66521, (9000/4xx) OR

		(2 4 meg modules)
98229C:		4MB MEMORY,(2)98229-66520
		(2 2 meg modules)
98229D:		16MB MEMORY,(9000-375,380,425x)
		(2 8 meg modules)
98229E:		32MB MEMORY,(9000-375,380,4xx)
		(2 16? meg modules)

98229-66520:	2MB MEMORY MODULE,18x1Mbit CHIP,(A1421,A1630)
or			(unclear as to which is which)
98229-66530:	2MB MEMORY MODULE,18x1Mbit CHIP,(A1630 TYPE
98229-66521:	4MB MEMORY MODULE,36x1Mbit CHIP,(A1421,A1630)
98229-66523:	8MB MEMORY MODULE,18x4Mbit CHIP,(A1630A/E)


KTH400t/16:	2 8 meg modules, analogous to HP kit H98229D
		Seems to be the only kit Kingston sells

KTH-400t 	8 meg module
		KTH-400t silkscreened on the module.
		Size indicated by checked box.



Assy. 69310 B2: 8MB MEMORY MODULE

Ben Hockenhull
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