Subject: More on X11R5
To: None <port-hp300@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Michael Wolfson <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 08/13/1997 22:18:20
Hi everybody,

After more futzing around, I have some more bits o' info for the archives.

And, I have whipped up instructions and an archive for anyone that would
like to try out the HPUX X11R5 server.  I'm not entirely sure of the
legality of posting it, so be sure to grab a copy before I get a friendly
letter from the HP legal department:

This page also has various x11perf results under different video cards with
different X servers.

In answer to a few questions (most of them ones I was wondering about):
The HPUX X server does *not* support devices that NetBSD doesn't support
(or at least the 98705).  It does work on video devices supported by NetBSD
but unsupported by XhpBSD (or at least the 98720).  I can only really
comment on the three types of video devices I have access to
(98550A/A1416A, 98720, and 98705).

THe 98550A and A1416A cards are 8 bit 1280x1024, the 98720 is 24 bit
1280x1024, and the 98705 (as far as I know) is 16 bit 1280x1024, but can
only display 8 bit (the extra 8 bits are used in a double-buffered mode).

I have yet to have it crash (much less bring my whole machine down).  It
runs all of the tests from x11perf without a hitch.  I haven't tested it
with the xview or any other libraries.  I still can't get it to run

  -- MW